What types of handgun will this dragon belly band holster fit? 

This concealed belly band holster will fit almost all types of handguns including all small compact, subcompact, mid-size pistols, revolvers, and full size pistols available in the market.   

Will the Dragon Belly Band Holster be compatible with my handgun? 

The holster section of this belly band holster for revolver is made of surgical grade elastic that will stretch to fit in almost any type handgun on the market. So, your handgun has a very good chance of fitting into this holster. 

Will my gun with lasers fit into this holster? 

There are many compact and subcompact handguns that come with integrated lasers. These types of guns can be accommodated by this concealed carry with belly. 

The bottom space on this holster where the barrel of a handgun passes through the holster is 2 inches. Your handgun will not fit into this belly band holster for men if it is more than 2 inches. 

You can, however, modify this holster by cutting off and replacing the stitching to fit in your handgun with lasers. It is easy to do and many of our customers have done this. 

Is the material over the trigger rigid enough to allow me to lean over and still have the right size press in and move the trigger? 

The dragon belly holster is made of neoprene material that is highly adjustable. You can adjust the holster by sliding it over so it is the right size for lower or higher your belly or hip. 

While my gun be secured if I wear this holster to the gym? 

While it is safer to keep your handgun in the locker instead of wearing it while working out, this belly band holster for running will keep your gun secured while you are working out. 

Is this holster suitable for left-handed individuals? 

Specify that you are left-handed in the “order note” in the cart. You can also email customer support after your purchase. We will then send you a holster suitable for left-handed individuals. 

Will this holster fit my waist? 

The dragon belly holster is available in 2 sizes: regular (42 inches out of the box and can fit waists up to 44 inches) and XL (54 inches out of the box and can fit waists up to 56 inches).  You can get your waist size by using a tailor’s measuring tape and wrap it around your belly. 

I am a size 0 on the waist. Will this holster fit? 

This belly band gun holster fits waist sizes from 0 to 56 inches. This belly band is made of neoprene material and the outside material acts as Hook and Loop. So the size of the hook (the jagged side of the Velcro) will attach anywhere on the outside of the belly band. 

My waist is 55 inches, XXL. Do you have this size?