Best Belly Band Holster For Fat Guys Review 2021

With the ongoing health crisis that the world is facing, people around the globe are required to stay in their homes in order to protect themselves. However, some guys are not minding their health and becoming fat because of the restrictions or lockdowns. The search for the best belly band holster for fat guy may be a little tough, so here are some reviews of chosen products from the market that are also gaining attraction from the people and buying it to satisfy their belly band holster finds!

First, how do you define a belly band holster?

A belly band holster is a gear with velcro that is wrapped around an individual’s waist and allows them to carry various items like firearms or ammunition, while walking, running, cycling, or other physical activities.

What is the best belly band holster for fat guys?

The Best Belly Band Holster for Fat Guys have competition to each other, and each holster has its unique and defined features that will definitely make customers buy them and suit their taste or needs.

ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Gun Holster for Concealed Carry

  • A belly band holster which holds in a left and right draws to accommodate various guns with different sizes. Either subcompact or compact, or the whole pistols and revolvers.
  • The unisex belly band holster can be worn differently: from the appendix to the hips, to show it outside from the underwear, or open support style.
  • It is compatible to different guns: Glock 19, 25, 32, 39, 33, 28, 42, Springfield, Bodyguard, Bersa, M&P Shield, Ruger, Beretta, Kahr, Taurus PT111, Rock Island,  Kimber, Kel Tec, Sig Sauer, Smith and Wesson, Walther, and others.
  • It has its two sizes. For the large size, it can fit up to 44’’ belly. While for the XL size, it can fit up to 54’’ belly, both for men and women.
  • The belly band holster also comes with a heavy duty plastic guard and a snap retention that is made from metal, for safety and security of the gear.

ComfortTac’s Ultimate Belly Band Gun Holster is an easy-to-use gear which can be worn also in discreet ways. Besides putting guns on the holster, it can be also used for gadgets and other stuff for exercising. The product can definitely be used by fat guys who are concerned with their tummies’ sizes because it caters to large and extra large waists.

BRAVOBELT Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

  • The BravoBelt Belly Band Holster is built to feel comfort for the users. Its materials like the new CoolVent brings out the neoprene material which is breathable, but built for flexibility and that will cater various weights for guns. This can also fit to 55’’ belly size.
  • You can wear it together with your preferred outfit. Even if you are wearing coat, pajamas, shorts, leggings, and jeans. The BravoBelt Belly Band Holster is also good with Glock 17, 23, 19, 27, 29, 33, 28, 39, Taurus, Ruger, Kimber, M&P Shield, Bodyguard, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Sig Sauer, Kahr, Beretta, Rock Island, and others.
  • Perfect for running which gives a secure and safe belly band holster, it also comes with a Velcro, so that users may easily detach or remove it.
  • Whether you are right-handed or left-handed, it can be rotated either way, and have different styles to wear it too.

The BravoBelt Belly Band Holster was built from Detroit and has its unique features that can be used both by men and women, especially the fat guys. With its affordable price and quality material, the features include: supports gun length – 4’’ to 8’’, fits with 44’’ belly, and can be rotated in 360 degrees. BravoBelt always delivers one thing: top quality for their customers.

Ghost Concealment Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

  • Ghost Concealment Belly Band Holster is quick and safe to use which also highlights easy gun release too.
  • Comfortable and soft to touch because of the Neoprene material. Guns that fits the belly band holster are the following: M&P Shield, Glock, Sig Sauer, Ruger, Taurus, Kahr, Beretta, Springfield, Bersa, Kimber, Rock Island, Kel Tec, Walther, and others.
  • It fits 40’’ to 54’’ waist sizes.
  • You can wear it in the appendix position, cross body, small back, 5 o’ clock or behind the hip, and others.
  •         The belly band holster can handle any pistol size like compact, small subcompact, full size pistols or revolvers including 38 special, 380, 357, 45 ACP, 9mm, 40 auto, and 10mm.

The Ghost Concealment Belly Band Holster can be worn by men and women, particularly the fat guys, without worrying anything due to their waist size. The maximum size that the belly band that can cater is 54’’. With the Neoprene material, it can be stretched whether what is their customer’s body size.

Aomago Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry-Gun Holster

  • It can fit up to 38’’ waist size which sits comfortably by the customer’s body.
  • The belly band holster by Aomago has a retention strap to have a safe and secure strap for the firearms and other ammunition.
  • Whatever the clothes that the individual is wering, suit and tie, jogging pants, jeans, pajamas, and others, it is still in discreet style.
  • It has its multiple positions on how to be worn and has a left draw.
  • Unisex

The Belly Band Holster by Aomago is designed to be extremely safe for those who are using it while running or jogging. The rentention strap and heavy grip prevents the guns from jolting on the ground, getting pulled out, or falling. It also has its Velcro Holster to have a comfortable grip for the user.

IWB Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

  • Universal sizes that it fits almost all pistol sizes
  • It has its safe velcro strap in order not to worry the joggers or runners from using it. It may be light-weighted, but it is easy to use.
  • The Belly Band Holster is versatile and may be worn by various positions like shoulder rig, 12 o’ clock, open carry, and others.
  • Fits up to 42’’ waist size

The concealment of the product is one of a kind due to its micro-hole design that lets the user breathe but has a secure grip. This belly band holster also includes a removable magazine whether what position of the product that the individual is going to use. Either way, it also comes with a dust bag, movable magazine pouch, and the product itself.


The best belly band holster for fat guys may be the Ghost Concealment Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry because it carries most good features for a belly band holster. Also, the product have modelled it especially for the fat guys which highlights the waist circumference of an individual. After all, when buying a belly band holster is to know the sizes available for the model.

The products may be almost the same, but over all the Ghost Concealment caters the first concern of the fat guys who may be looking for a secure, safe, and top quality product that can be bought with an affordable price.

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